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Choose the future,
choose renewable energy.

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Our dream

To accelerate the energy transition worldwide with systems that stand out from the crowd. Local solutions, available the world over.

Our strength

Delivering fully integrated solutions by pooling our strengths. With the sun as the power source.

Our contribution

Wholehearted commitment. From the very first idea, to the concrete technical realisation. Time and time again.

Are you prepared for the future?

We firmly believe in a future with sustainable energy. And we are working hard on that future. Koolen Solar Projects is a specialist in the field of sustainable energy, focusing on solar powered systems for the business market. In the Netherlands, but also beyond our borders.

What will solar panels do for my organisation?

In order to calculate the return on investment properly, you need to know what you are doing. Which is why you should call in the experts from Koolen Solar Projects.
We will gladly find out what solar panels can do for your organisation. Our advisors will meet you at your location, or offer advice remotely through a video call. Please contact us to make an appointment right away.

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Would you like advice without any obligation?

Our working methods

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Design and advice

Our advisors will work with you to identify your precise needs. After that, our team addresses these needs through a custom technical design. A concrete solution is developed together with our technical experts.

Home Koolen solar projects

Turnkey solutions

We handle the whole process. From delivery of the materials, the full installation, to the handover of the completed system.

Home Koolen solar projects

Service and maintenance

We are also on hand to help you after the installation. By professionally managing the system, we will make sure that your system continues to operate at its optimal level. Year in, year out.


Various subsidies and tax incentives have made investing in solar panels very interesting for companies and organisations. A win-win-win situation; it is financially attractive, you save on your monthly energy costs, and you contribute to a better environment by generating sustainable energy.


You can choose to either fully or partially finance your solar power system. Thanks to our extensive network and experience, we are able to draw up the optimum financing plan for you. You remain the owner of your solar power system and get to keep the financial returns for yourself.