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Integrated solutions

Koolen Solar Projects is a specialist in commercial PV systems. By joining forces with our partners at Koolen Industries, we are able to offer a unique concept in the market. Through this cooperation, we can provide fully integrated solutions in the field of sustainable energy. These integrated solutions consist of: realising turnkey PV systems, supplying and installing charging stations, energy storage systems, grid management software, and so much more.

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It's only just beginning

For many people, the energy transition is in full swing. In our view, it is only just beginning. Almost all PV projects in the Netherlands are profitable thanks to subsidies and so far, feeding energy back into the grid was usually possible. This playing field is undergoing dramatic changes. Subsidies are slowly being phased out and the transport capacity on the grid is under enormous pressure. A major problem? No, but it is definitely a challenge. And we relish that.

Specific solution

Because we have extensive in-house expertise, we look at things from a completely different perspective. With a lens that captures the entire scope of the energy issue in your situation. Starting from this premise, we work until the best solution is found, on that is specifically suited to your situation.

Koolen Industries

Imagine if renewable energy was always available. Wherever and whenever you need it. Reliable and safe. All made possible by ingenious software. That is what we call smart energy. As part of Koolen Industries, it is our mission to enable everyone to play their part in the energy transition. By using energy from the wind or the sun. By making sure that it is there whenever you need it. By offering you autonomy in your life, independent of the electricity grid. Or by sharing and trading energy with others who also want to contribute to a better world.