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No investment needed, but savings are assured

Would you like to lease solar panels commercially? Koolen Solar Projects can help you and other business clients make the right choices when it comes to solar energy. The solar power system can be built on your roof or on a vacant plot of land. How the leasing works exactly depends on your roof and your electricity consumption. That’s why you should always contact us first to discuss your preferences.

Would you like advice without any obligation?

Commercial solar panel leasing

With commercial leasing of solar panels from Koolen Solar Projects you are assured of control over your own green energy, but you do not need to make the investment yourself. With our full service lease concept you are assured of:

  • Control over your own green energy
  • An SDE++ subsidy that belongs to you

Full service for the installation as well as the operation of the solar panels

The financial advantages of commercial leasing

  • No own investment needed
  • Retention of liquid assets and working capital within your company
  • Retention of credit capacity of your existing company financier
  • The original warranties belong to your company
  • No hassles with maintenance
  • You pay no energy tax if you use the solar energy directly yourself

Which alternative is the right one for you

In order to find out which option is the best fit for you, our advisors assess the situation of each roof, taking all conceivable factors into account. This takes place during a roof analysis. Would you like to know more about this? Contact one of our advisors on +31 (0)88 334 7618 or request information via our contact page.