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Purchasing solar panels from the market leader in the Netherlands

Are you considering buying solar panels for your business? Or do you want to invest in solar power and solar parks? That’s a sensible choice. Solar panels are sustainable and there are some attractive subsidy schemes for entrepreneurs. However, purchasing solar panels or leasing your site can be a complex undertaking. Koolen Solar Projects takes the worry out of your hands and arranges everything on your behalf. From advice to financing, and from subsidy applications to installation. Whether you have solar panels installed on your business premises or lease out the roofs of your stables. With our solutions, you save money and also protect the climate.

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Investing yourself

Having solar panels installed and investing in these yourself usually yields the highest returns. Which is why, in addition to leasing solar panels or leasing a sizeable roof area, investing in solar panels yourself is also a viable option.

What are the benefits of purchasing

Purchase of solar panels soon provides the following benefits:

  • Use of 100% sustainable solar power
  • You gain the highest return on investment
  • Your investment is easily recouped
  • Subsidy & fiscal advantages
  • Your carbon emissions are reduced
  • Sustainable corporate social responsibility
  • An improved image

Which alternative is the right one for you

In order to find out which option is the best fit for you, our advisors assess the situation of each roof, taking all conceivable factors into account. This takes place during a roof analysis. Would you like to know more about this? Contact one of our advisors on +31 (0)88 334 7618 or request information via our contact page.