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Solar fields

Solar panels for a solar field or solar meadow

Is there room in the zoning plan for a solar park? We will be happy to assist in the development and realisation of such a park.

Would you like advice without any obligation?

Blending into the landscape and biodiversity

A solar meadow poses other challenges than a rooftop PV system. At Koolen Solar Projects, we believe that the development of a solar meadow can only be done by taking biodiversity into account. This is where we find opportunities that we are keen to use. Ecology and integration into the landscape are important focal points for us.

Using your land for solar panels

Do you have some land at your disposal and are thinking about using it for solar panels? Koolen Solar Projects would love to help you further with that. Not only will you contribute to the energy transition, solar panels also yield high returns for 25 years. Contact us to discuss what the possibilities are.

Professional guidance

We are well acquainted with the requirements for solar parks. Our advisors will go through all aspects of the installation of a solar park with you. So that you are well informed. In addition, we will guide you through the entire process. From preparation to realisation to operation.

Integrated solution

A lot of places in the Netherlands have to deal with the problem of grid congestion. There is only limited room, if any, on the electricity grid to feed in the energy generated by a solar park. Koolen Solar Projects is a specialist when it comes to offering integrated solutions. There are often several possibilities in combination with energy storage and smart grid applications. We think in terms of opportunities, not in limitations.


We are often asked how a solar park is protected against theft or vandalism. If the solar panels are placed in a field, it makes sense to make security arrangements. There are various options available. A fence with camera surveillance around the solar park is the most obvious. An alarm system can also be used when panels or converters are disconnected. This limits the risk of theft. Are you still worried about this? Get in touch with us so that we can discuss the options with you.