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Solar panels for every special circumstance

Special circumstances require special solutions. This is why we have created the Specials category. With this category, we ensure that a solar power solution can be achieved even in exceptional situations.

Solar Carports

Plenty of car parks are ideal sites for a solar carport. Placing solar panels above parking spaces adds value to the area on several fronts. Cars are kept dry under the roof, sustainable energy is generated locally, electric cars are charged and companies in the area can benefit from the residual energy.

Where can solar carports be placed?

Potential locations are holiday parks, car parks in city centres, upper floors of parking garages. By combining the Solar Carports with charging stations and an energy storage system, optimum use is made of sustainable energy.

Floating solar parks

An increasingly common practice is the installation of solar panels on water. These are known as floating solar parks. When we design a floating solar park, we take into account how the system fits in with the biodiversity of the surrounding environment.

Installing a PV system on water gives the designated site a dual purpose. Not only is sand extracted, for one thing, but a large amount of sustainable energy is also generated which can supply a lot of households and businesses in the area with energy.

Solar facades

Solar facades are facades which have been equipped with solar panels. Sometimes the available roof surface is not enough to supply the energy demand. The installation of solar panels on building facades can then offer a perfect solution. Moreover, this also contributes to the sustainable image of the company. Do you also have a facade that might be suitable for solar panels?

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