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Sunlight on Roofs – Agricultural

Agricultural specialist for solar panels

Koolen Solar Projects has a wealth of experience in the implementation of agricultural solar power systems. We see that more and more farms are taking the step towards generating sustainable energy. That’s only logical, because it is a smart investment and is also highly profitable. Optimally use your available roof space and provide for the energy needs of your business in a sustainable and lucrative manner. Start saving on your energy bill immediately and still have something left over at the end of the year!

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Safety and quality

Investing in solar panels should never be at the expense of the safety of a company. Koolen Solar Projects knows exactly which standards are set for solar power systems for agricultural entrepreneurs. This applies to poultry, calves, dairy cattle, pigs, agriculture, and all other agricultural uses. So you can rest assured that the system is of the highest quality and that you can enjoy the solar power that you generate without a care in the world!

Tax schemes and subsidies

There are several tax schemes and subsidies available for agricultural companies for the purchase of solar panels. Koolen Solar Projects advises on the various options, applies for subsidies upon request, and guides you through the financing.

Integrated sustainability solutions

Grid congestion impedes the realisation of solar power projects in a lot of places in the Netherlands. Koolen Solar Projects sees opportunities here. Together with our partners within Koolen Industries, we can offer integrated solutions in the field of energy storage systems and charging stations. Should you decide to purchase an electric John Deere sometime soon, then you will be prepared for the future.