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Solar panels in healthcare

The healthcare sector is becoming increasingly ‘greener’ and sustainable: since 1 January 2021, more than 300 Dutch healthcare organisations have switched to sustainable electricity. Provide for the energy needs of the residents and employees of healthcare institutions while saving on energy bills. Contribute to sustainability in the future while creating affordable housing and cutting costs by using solar panels in healthcare.

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Investing in sustainability

As a healthcare institution, you should consider investing in solar panels. The large flat roofs of healthcare institutions are particularly well suited to being covered with solar panels. Healthcare institutions can then use these to meet their own energy needs. Cleaner and cheaper energy is always welcome.

Various applications for healthcare institutions

Koolen Solar Projects can advise you on a variety of sustainable applications and realise these for you. Solar panels, solar water heaters, heat pumps, and sustainable facades: we will look together with you for the most suitable solution for your healthcare institution. We are also happy to take the maintenance off your hands. In the case of solar panels, for example, we recommend that they be inspected and cleaned every two to three years. We can monitor solar panels remotely in order to guarantee an optimal yield. We can also create a customer portal. This allows you to keep residents informed of the status the system and the monitoring.