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About us

Solar energy is the future

We firmly believe that solar energy is the future. And not just for private citizens. A large proportion of rooftops in the Netherlands are business premises, office buildings, warehouses, barns and numerous other commercial properties. These are often perfect for solar panels. That is why we help companies and other organisations in their choice of solar panels. This means you can make a financially advantageous investment, generate your own energy and, at the same time, we can help make the world a little more sustainable.

Our dream

Our dream is to accelerate the energy transition around the world with outstanding solutions. Local solutions, available the world over.

Quality and reliability

We collaborate with dedicated installation teams, granting us complete control over the quality of our installations. You will observe this commitment from the moment you first reach out to us until the system is delivered. With the aid of our dedicated installation teams, we can assure, unlike anyone else, that your requests will be executed meticulously during the installation process.

Everything under your own control

Koolen Energy Projects operates as a division of Koolen Industries, enabling us to provide fully integrated solutions in the solar energy sector. These comprehensive solutions encompass the creation of turnkey PV systems, as well as the supply and installation of charging stations, energy storage systems, and grid management software. In essence, we stand as the leading supplier and installer for your solar power project

Koolen Industries

Imagine if renewable energy was always available. Wherever and whenever you need it. Reliable and safe. All made possible by ingenious software. That is what we call smart energy. As part of Koolen Industries, it is our mission to give everyone the opportunity to play their part in the energy transition. By using energy from the wind or the sun. By making sure that it is there whenever you need it. By offering you autonomy in your life, independent of the electricity grid. Or by sharing and trading energy with others who also want to do their bit for a better world.

Do you need some free advice

Quickly get clarity about the possibilities on offer

Are you interested in making your business more sustainable with solar panels? We will gladly find out what solar panels can do for your organisation. Our advisors will visit you on site or provide advice remotely via a video call. Please contact us to make an appointment right away.

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Would you like to speak to someone directly? Our customer service will gladly answer all your questions.


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