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What we do
What we do

Conceiving, developing, and maintaining solar power systems

Are you interested in the possibilities of solar panels for commercial use? Then we are the party who can help you transform ideas into solutions. Day in and day out, we help organisations by providing advice on generating sustainable energy with solar panels.

What we do

Design and advice

Our advisors will work with you to identify your precise needs. Our team then works out the details of those requirements in a custom technical design. A concrete solution is then created together with our technical experts.

What we do

Turn-key realisation

We handle the whole process. From delivery of the materials, the full installation, to the handover of the completed system.

What we do

Service and maintenance

We are also on hand to help you after the installation. By professionally managing the system, we will make sure that your system continues to operate at its optimal level. Year in, year out.

Working method for operation and maintenance

1. Reliable installation
Through an extensive inspection upon delivery and professional operation of the system, we ensure that your system continues to perform optimally. Year in, year out.

2. Active monitoring
You can monitor your system on your smartphone, but we go a step further. We keep a close eye on the performance of your system and take immediate action whenever necessary. Solved.

3. Regular maintenance
We offer the option of an annual system inspection. We use a checklist to inspect critical components of the system and carry out preventive maintenance in order to achieve the highest possible uptime.

4. Reports
By using smart software tools, we can generate extensive system reports on request. Your designated contact person will prepare and present these reports to you. This enables you to know exactly what the periodic performances of your system are. Measuring is knowing.

Integrated solutions

Koolen Solar Projects is a division of Koolen Industries. This enables us to offer fully integrated solutions in the field of solar energy. These integrated solutions comprise: the realisation of turnkey PV systems, the supply and installation of charging stations, energy storage systems, and grid management software.

Koolen Solar Projects

We firmly believe that solar energy is the future. We help companies and organisations to invest in solar panels. This enables you to make a financial investment that is very interesting and at the same time we make the world a little bit more sustainable. Each and every day.

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Are you interested in making your business more sustainable with solar panels? We will gladly find out what solar panels can do for your organisation. Our advisors will visit you on site or provide advice remotely via a video call. Please contact us to make an appointment right away.

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