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Investing in solar energy A sustainable future.

Installing solar panels, whether on business premises or on a vacant plot of land, provides a great opportunity to become more sustainable by generating green energy and reducing energy costs. But how can solar panels be financed in a way that is most attractive for your business?

In consultation with you, our advisors always look for the best and most profitable application of solar energy. By means of an extensive preliminary process, we list your preferences and the options for your specific situation. We also help you draw up a financing plan. Purchasing and leasing or a partial lease are among the options. This way, you get a good idea of what you stand to save and earn. Which of these options suits you best? Get in contact with one of our advisors on +31 (0)88 334 7618 or request information via our contact page.


Purchasing solar panels

The various subsidies that are available for business solar panels make investing in solar panels financially very interesting for companies. A win-win-win situation; it is financially attractive, you save on your monthly energy costs, and you contribute to a better environment by generating sustainable energy.


Leasing solar panels

The most common form of financing for investing in sustainability is a Financial Lease. With this method, you become the economic owner of the solar panels, because the investment is stated on your balance sheet. The advantage is that you can apply for and receive any applicable subsidies in your own name.